Think of us as your very own Chief Technology Officer:
We understand your business, your objectives, your culture, your processes and your challenges.

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Think of us as your very own Chief Technology Officer:
We understand your business, your objectives, your culture, your processes and your challenges.

Unlike vendors, we aren’t here to push product; we’re here to evaluate your business needs first; then see how technology can increase capacity and efficiency.

We see technology for what it really is: an enabler. We focus on your core business goals, to develop strategic outcomes that have an impact on operations and finance. We look at how technology can be used to enhance your efficacy, reduce risk, streamline processes and create a better overall experience.

We help you with your technical strategy, select the best possible technology and assist with project and change management. We achieve your goals without unsettling your users and ensure that total cost of ownership is considered, not just those associated with basic implementation.

With more than 15 years of successful project achievements, using both off-the-shelf and custom integrations, we highlight the true capabilities of technology and outline the challenges and risks involved with each potential choice.

We are your CTO.


Founder and owner of Tactical CTO

With more than 15 years experience in business, he is a leader and entrepreneur, experienced in advancing companies from inception through to sale, across many industries.

Davide has served on the board of both public ASX listed and private companies. He has a proven ability to manage all aspects of business; including negotiating multi-million dollar customer contracts; leading dynamic, multi-functional teams and organisations; and executing innovative strategies to create and deliver shareholder value.



We help you determine the best strategy for your business and explore the key areas where technology can be deployed to achieve maximum efficiency and best return on capital.

Team assembly

Whether it’s assembling your own internal team, or outsourcing your project, we advise on the best solution for your specific situation. We can also recommend and assemble expert teams with proven track records.


We help you navigate the depths of existing problems that require solving. We offer you a spectrum of options: from a simple outsider’s opinion to the expertise needed for solving the unsolvable.

Technical Audit

From auditing a technology you’re keen to purchase or implement, to a security audit of your overall systems, we conduct technical audits to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for, or that your current systems are up-to-scratch.

Project Management

We are experts in understanding technical challenges and aligning them with your business goals. Our project management services actively avoid problems before they occur, and keep your project on course. Time = money and we work towards minimising the waste at either end of the equation.

Vendor Selection

We help you work through the often challenging and costly vendor selection process. We highlight the benefits and shortfalls for your overall immediate and longer-term business goals, to ensure you bet on the right horse at the beginning of the race.



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